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About GSIA
For Greater Savannah to be established as a global community, that encourages international people to visit and live here and local people to visit and live abroad. 

The Greater Savannah International Alliance “GSIA” advances Greater Savannah’s position as a global community by fostering international relationships and initiatives that benefit the region through commerce, culture, tourism and education.

GSIA provides a forum for identifying and addressing locally relevant international opportunities, act as a community resource and advise the Mayor and City Council, and undertake and/or participate in activities and initiatives. 
GSIA focuses on achieving the following goals:
  - Greater Savannah is recognized worldwide as a desirable city and region for international commerce, culture, education, and tourism.
  - International firms, workers, visitors, and residents feel welcome and able to access the resources of the region.
  - Greater Savannah’s international initiatives and partnerships in commerce, culture, tourism, education, and international assistance are strengthened through concerted action and support of the GSIA.
  - Within Greater Savannah there is an awareness and appreciation of our international roles, resources and activities, and recognition of the contributions and achievements of our international community.
Produced pro-bono by Oppie Cooper and Anthony Dergham.
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